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The Weekend Classic

My $100 deal has been a big hit lately with local bands. I've had a busy month of photo shoots and a lot of new work to show soon.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the really talented guys in The Weekend Classic. Unfortunately on the day of our shoot it rained pretty heavily. Our inital plan was to find a rooftop downtown to shoot on but until the rain let up we had to figure something out. I ended up driving by a spot on my way to meet them that we could use, mainly because is was sheltered from the rain and it looked pretty cool.

The Weekend Classic

The rain let up a bit and we walked aroudn downtown looking for more spots to shoot. We happened to find a cool looking place across the street, but it didn't take long for security to get on us. Luckily we talked him into taking a few photos with us. So thanks, parking lot security guy for being so nice.


Finally we made it to our rooftop, the rain started picking up again, so I mostly hid my camera under my shirt in between shooting so it didnt get soaked. Had a great time hanging with these guys, be sure to check out their new music they just released over on Bandcamp.



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